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What is SHIFTDestiny?
SHIFTDestiny is "...bringing solutions of hope to the most broken, poor or addicted neighbors through team visitations (C.O.R.E.) and community events (C.O.M.E.). SDI leads, organizes & mobilizes local Christian, faith-based networks in community-wide efforts."

Planned & ongoing "continued care" as follows:
  • Ongoing - C.O.D.E. for those who are in need & ready for change.. Available NOW!
  • Weekly - "Destiny Watch groups" are coming in 2016, weekly "in-home meetings" for support, prayer and study.
  • Semi-annual - C.O.R.E.. Ongoing since 2014!
  • Annual - C.O.M.E.. Ongoing since 2014!
  • As Needed - "Blue Collar EXEC Academy" (12-15 week training on "building a 'destiny sound' career) Helping those who are ready to retool their mind and spirit in preparation for entering or reentering a productive and blessed lifestyle. Coming January 2016!

C.O.R.E. - Compassion Outreach Extraction

This mission serves as an arm to reach out to our city; let them know who we are, why we are here and to spread the love around. We visit the East and West side of Seaford, Delaware, the tent towns that host those without home and the residents of the town of Blades, Delware.

During this event we are looking to find those that are “ready” for a change, to minister and speak hope to our brothers and sisters in Christ, and release an atmosphere of grace through the Holy Spirit in our most difficult neighborhoods.

C.O.M.E. - Celebration of Mercy Event

The C.O.M.E. event is a celebration where we (as a city) show love, mercy and family to those that come. There is fun for the kids, food for everyone there, prayer for those who are in need and music for every taste.

C.O.D.E. - Churches Own, Disciple & Embrace

Our mission through C.O.D.E. is a follow-up ministry for those touched and changed through our outreach and celebration events. We want to make sure those who are looking for a home in faith have somewhere to go, and to know that we are still seeking and loving them.